Ready to Generate More Revenues?

Use coupons and loyalty card to know more your customers, do super efficient segmented marketing campaigns and drive more revenues.

Mobile marketing can improve your knowledge of clients, improve customers relationships, drive more revenues and ensure that customers love your brand more than the others. There are a lot of ways to promote your business with mobile marketing tools From NextCard.

Mobile by Design

Once coupons & loyalty cards are stored inside user smartphones. You can contact them at anytime through push notification and GPS Alerts.

Hyper Located Content

Send personalized marketing (promotions, discounts and information) to your customers and visitors.


The traffic analysis of your customers allows you to take the right decisions and optimize your business.

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We have strong clients in various industries such as health & beauty products, restaurants chains, hotels, retailers, organization and more.

We have been involved in our clients’ most celebrated business episodes and bring foresight, deep functional expertise, and a practical approach to build capabilities and deliver real impact.

The mobile marketing can improve your knowledge of your clients, improve customers relationships, generate more incomes and ensure that customers love your brand more than the others.

Our experts in Social Media advertising can lead your advertising campaign. Give us a budget and we will maximize your KPIs.
We can hyper target your base of fans (and your competitors’) and maximize the number of passes installed on user smartphones who then can redeem your offer.

We have the expertise the know-how and, the experience in this field. We will be able to offer you a solution adapted to your needs, an attractive promotion for your clients and, thus, optimize your advertising budget.

We use time triggers / push notification and geo-triggers (GPS alerts) that publish information messages on the user lock screen by the way of GPS, iBeacon and push notification. We distribute the promotion coupon or loyalty card through social media, SMS. We also provide QR codes with mobile coupons.

Our platform gives you the possibility to begin to benefit from the mobile App quickly. Create a complete new experience for your customers by combining the online and offline worlds. Thanks our platform, you can easily create this experience without the need to install a software or have programming skills.

No matter the size of your company, from the simple shop to big retailers, our platform will meet your needs.

How you can benefit of our technology

  • Strong growth through mobile sales.
  • Your increase customer loyalty.
  • A better understanding of customer behavior.
  • A greater distinction compared to your competitors.

Our easy-to-use platforms enrich user experience.

Create a new complete experience for your customers by combining the online and offline worlds. Thanks to our platform all-in-one, you can easily create this experience without having to install software or have any programming skills.

Your customers or visitors can find you and receive promotions and become more loyal to your brand.

Get analytics, do customer segmentation with targeted communication and view your area manager performances.

Customized Coupons & Loyalty Cards

  • Your Brand
  • Punch Card or Point Collector
  • Reward and Offers System
  • Transactions
  • Push Notification
  • GPS Alerts
  • Viral effect with “Scan to Share” function
  • Localized App
  • Super Scalable (cloud based)
  • Real Time Update
  • No Maintenance

Analytics & Communication Dashboard

  • Super Simple Interface
  • Analytics Dashboard (Distribution, Installation, Redemption)
  • Clients Information
  • Shop Performances
  • Area Manager Performances
  • Targeted Communication through Push Notification, SMS, Emails.
  • Multilevel Credentials
  • Export Data
  • Secured (we are GDPR compliant)

Ready to Connect

Our API allows you to connect your Point of Sale (POS) and ERP to your coupon and loyalty card mobile App.
We organize your transition from the offline world (magnetic or paper cards) to the digital world.

Words of Mouth...

“This digital marketing campaign with coupons for smartphones represented 20% of The Red Oven's customers!”
K. Germaine
F&B Manager, Sofitel So Bangkok
“The question that should ask each hotelier should not be: “Why should I invest in mobile” but rather “How can I invest more efficiently in the mobile” ”
Tim Peter
Travel Tuesday