About Us

Who we are

We are an innovative startup with a head office in Hong Kong and operational office in Thailand. Since the beginning of NextCard in 2014, we have aspired to create unique user experiences that meet with the needs of our customers.

We seek to work with people motivated by new technology. Your enthusiasm and your knowledge will do that we will reach heights together.


Leading all about the consumer targeting and efficiency in a digital world for businesses. Make the digital wallet a business reality.


Drive Return On Investment of campaigns, promotions, loyalty programs with smart platforms and the usage of disruptive technologies

Empowering the marketing teams to move them into the real time and personalization age combining Smartphones and Point Of Sales data.

End to end solution to acquire, retain and drive consumers to increase the top line and develop the business.

Why choose us

Our platform gives you the possibility to begin to benefit from the Passbook and iBeacon technology quickly. Create a complete new experience for your customers by combining the online and offline worlds.

Thanks our platform, you can easily create this experience without the need to install a software or have programming skills.

How you can benefit from the mobile technology
  • Strong growth through mobile sales
  • Increased customer loyalty
  • A better understanding of customer behavior
  • Real Time Tracking
  • Strong Support
  • Extended product offers (packages, Offers)
  • Online Coaching
  • A greater distinction compared to your competitors
"No matter the size of your company, from the simple shop to big retailers, our platform will meet your needs"
Emmanuel Fauvel