Be Hyperlocal with iBeacons

The iBeacon technology allows mobile devices to be located very precisely. iBeacon

When a peripheral device is in the iBeacon warning area (tiny device that uses the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) that uses a battery plugged by USB or a simple outlet) will trigger an alert via your application – whether it be a promotion, a welcome message, a cultural information or your current position in a building.

The iBeacons, by using the Bluetooth LE, provide a very precise geolocation of your location, have a low power consumption (both the device and the emitter) and can transmit an alert to devices using IOS 7 (86% of iPhones), Android 4.3, and more recent. (86% of all iPhones), Android 4.3+.

Apple Technology tested


What can I do with the iBeacon Technology?

Imagine to never have to queue to buy a ticket to a show, to not have to use a unpractical audio guide.

Imagine know all about the works that you are contemplating thanks to the calculation of your exact position when you visit a museum. All of this is possible thanks to iBeacon technology.

When your smartphone and the associated App will detect the iBeacons located in the museum that you visit, it will automatically open the ticket purchased online. The iBeacon coupled with a dedicated App or via the Passbook technology gives you an immediate information based on your location.

This means that your cultural path is smooth, the information on a particular painting is accessible as soon as you approach the work. Your proximity triggers a relevant information on your smartphone.

With the use of iBeacon technology, the companies can obtain informations on their customers during their visit. Hyperlocated content or customized and interactive advertising can be offered to customers or visitors.

We also provide to customers a browsing solution in order that they exactly know where they are, have geolocated relevant cultural information and that their experience is more enthusiastic and enriching compared to existing applications.

Our platform

We created an all-in-one platform that allows you to start to offer hyper local content with relevant micro-notifications. Our platform allows an unique user experience by offering a customized content according to the context, the place and the time. The result is the sales increase, gaining the loyalty of clients and reinforce the clientele engagement.

No matter the size of your company, from the simple independent shop, museum, mall or major events, the iBeacon technology, linked to our platform, is an affordable solution to provide relevant and geolocated content to your clients or visitors.

Why choose us?

Our platform gives you the possibility to begin to benefit of coupons, loyalty card and iBeacon technology quickly. Create a complete new experience for your customers by combining the online and offline worlds. Thanks our platform, you can easily create this experience without the need to install a software or have programming skills.

No matter the size of your company, from the simple shop to the mall and museums, our platform will meet your needs.

How you can benefit of the white label app combined with iBeacon technology

  • Strong growth through mobile sales.
  • Your increase customer loyalty.
  • A better understanding of customer behavior.
  • A greater distinction compared to your competitors.
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