Customer Journey From Coupons To Loyalty Programs

A few years ago, people used to cut different coupons on the Newspaper to get more benefits from their preferred store. Now, it has all changed for the better.

Well, some businesses were offering several coupons to regular customers, but the way it used to happen was old-fashioned.

But technology has changed, and so the people.

Not a long time ago people were getting hundreds of spammy emails regularly containing discounts and deals. This was ugly, especially because they didn’t want to receive them 

Not because they were not a good option, but because they were not interested in those products or services.

Well, at that time, email marketing was not so ‘strict’, and people could send thousands of emails without any punishment.

Now, let’s go back in time, and see how things have changed.

The Story Behind Coupons

The first-ever coupon was first introduced in 1887 by Coca Cola. It was a ‘voucher’ that people could exchange for a free glass of coke, at any dispensary.

This was a huge marketing strategy to expand its brand.

In fact, people loved this so much that they became regular clients of Coca Cola. 

This company changed the whole game, without that ‘concept’, we wouldn’t have all kinds of coupons, discount codes, promotions, and other stuff that we have now. 

And this idea has been improved a lot by different companies and businesses. 

And it’s proven to work – because people love to get rewarded.

They feel great when they can redeem a discount, or get rewarded for any kind of action.

But there was a thing that changed the entire game…

The Appearance Of Loyalty Programs

As soon as things started to change, and technologies were bringing new stuff, the concept of ‘commerce’ started to change.

Regular customers started to get different emails containing coupons and discount offers directly. 

But… at some point, they started to get asked to do a few tasks in order to get rewarded. This is the moment when Loyalty Programs appeared.

And it’s almost the same as it is now, only that it changed ten times for better.

Now it’s all digital, and you get rewarded every time you make a purchase or perform an action in a local store you are a customer from. Rewards could be from discounts to offers, deals, or even free gifts.

This was incredible because business owners could retain the existing customers. Making them engage with the brand and products even more.

This created a huge rise in the interest of customers, to new and small businesses. 

In Conclusion

Most customers tend to feel more engaged with brands that are offering loyalty programs because they benefit more from it.

In fact, more than thousands of businesses are using different programs to make a successful campaign. Not only to retain existing customers but also to gain more in the long term.

If you still don’t know how a Loyalty Program works, you can check out this article: Benefits Of Loyalty Cards For Small & Medium Businesses.

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