Seamless Customer Redemption: long term success for your loyalty program

When it comes to redeem all your rewards, there is a huge problem. Most customers don’t know how to use the Loyalty Card.

And there is a big problem, some Loyalty Programs don’t have a PoS integrated for them to redeem. This causes a lot of confusion and anger from your customers.

In fact, different researches have shown that 27% of people who use Loyalty Programs have never redeemed rewards. This, because there is no option for them to do so.

Although, most of them said that they would redeem if they had a chance.

So, there are a lot of things to consider. Especially if you are looking to implement your Loyalty Program as one of the best marketing tools you will use for the long term.

How To Overcome This Problem

When people don’t redeem their rewards, it’s because they have no way to do so. In fact, most loyalty programs don’t offer a Point Of Sale for local shops.

This causes a big confusion between the customers and the store owners because it’s difficult to do it without tracking it.

If you are looking to implement a Loyalty Card, then the best thing you can do is to implement a PoS

In NextCard, we offer fully-integrated PoS that will show all the information and stats in real-time. Isn’t it amazing?

And now… you might be wondering, how can I keep my customers engaged in the long term?

Maintaining The Engagement

There are a lot of methods for doing so, but it all depends on your marketing and your final business goals. 

It’s not the same to engage people in a local restaurant than a retailer shop. Because both of them are offering different things.

Now, let’s take a look over a few things you can do to overcome this problem. 

è Making Sure You Give The Right Offers – Yes, your customers will feel appreciated if they see you are giving good deals.

è Implementing A Good Market Segmentation – Offering deals for a specific city, and spreading the offer in the whole country could make you lose retention.

è Personalizing Your Program – Make your customers feel unique, offer them the best deals as possible, and turn it into a fun experience.

è Offering A PoS – This is a perfect method for people to redeem their rewards, and increase your engagement.

Yet, there are a lot of things to take into consideration. But these are a few things you need to think about before launching your program.

To Make It Short

People will feel more recognized if you offer them a good and safe method to redeem their rewards. Offering a PoS is one of the best ways to make it possible.

There are many different methods for keeping them engaged with your business. But, the only way out, is to be unique.

People love innovation, they don’t want to see repetitive things.

And now… ask yourself this question:

What am I waiting to engage people with my brand?

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