NextCard by ASTEMIS

NextCard uses the Apple Wallet certified technology to provide the easiest, most powerful and most affordable solution in the world for businesses related to Health / Beauty, Hospitality, Retails, Spas, Hotels and Restaurants.

By combining this solution with Push notification and GPS Alerts technology, we can greatly enhance the customer experience thus generating traffic and get captive customers.

Our solutions allow you to reach your customer through their mobile.

  1. Coupons
  2. Loyalty Cards (chop or point collector)
  3. VIP Club Cards and more!

It is easy to integrate mobile promotion with our simple and intuitive solution.

We make the world of mobile advertising and e-commerce accessible to all companies and all sectors.

Our Vision

Leading all about the consumer targeting and efficiency in a digital world for businesses. Make the digital wallet a business reality.

Our Mission

Drive the Return On Investment of campaigns, promotions, loyalty programs with smart platforms and the usage of disruptive technologies.

Empowering the marketing teams to move them into the real time and personalization age combining Smartphones and Point Of Sales data.

End to end solution to acquire, retain and drive consumers to increase the top line and develop the business.

Would you like to Invest?

There is more than 2+ billions smartphones users worldwide in 2019.

If you are looking for a smart and growing company with a lot of good ideas to invest in, you may talk to us.

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